about us
Domino dizajn d.o.o., a limited liability company for design, construction and building control was established on 22 February 2011. The company seat is in Požega (180 km / 110 mi due east of Zagreb) in the Republic of Croatia.
Within the first year of its existence, the company established itself locally as a design studio which provides static and dynamic analyses for civil engineering structures, as well as detailed designs of civil engineering structures. Detailed designs are in fact workshop drawings for the manufacture and the assembly of metal structures (steel and aluminium structures) and steel reinforcement drawings for concrete structures. In 2013 we started cooperating with foreign partners (primarily from Germany and Austria), and hiring new employees in the fields of civil engineering and architecture. Moving forward, company goals include increasing the number of regular and reliable clients and partners, hiring additional staff, enhancing and expanding cooperation with current clients from Croatia, Germany and Austria by further improving our service and broadening the scope of delivery.

We have successfully completed numerous projects for our clients in the EU, most notably from Austria and Germany. If all conditions are met, the company’s long-term goal is hiring more employees, creating a stable micro enterprise in a small, local environment, which would, because of its professional potential, provide its intellectual services in developed countries, and at the same time transfer the know-how and the positive attitude from those developed countries to this part of the Republic of Croatia which is underdeveloped in terms of both technology and know-how. The core business of Domino dizajn d.o.o., a limited liability company for design, construction and building control, is designing load-bearing structures in the field of civil engineering and building control on construction projects in Croatia.


Within the framework of a complete construction project (industrial, power-providing, commercial, special engineering or residential structures), Domino dizajn d.o.o. is concerned exclusively with construction projects dealing with steel and concrete structures. Every construction project has two basic levels, or phases, which are the following:

  • main construction project – bearing-capacity analysis, calculation and dimensioning
  • detailed design – elaborating structure details for manufacture and assembly

Within the scope of the main project we make static and dynamic analyses, bearing-capacity analysis, and dimensioning, primarily according to the Eurocodes. In the detailed design phase the structure is further elaborated, on the basis of which precise workshop drawings (or reinforcement detailing) is made, according to which the structure is built in factories and assembly plants. Our design projects are made according to the standards required by the contractor, such as: European Standards, DIN Standards (German Institute for Standardization), AISC Standards (American Institute of Steel Construction), GOST Standards (Russian national standards) or any other special internal standards of a given contractor.

The Market

Of the total number of detailed designs in the last two years, 70% have been delivered to foreign markets (Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia), and 30% to the domestic, Croatian, market. For each individual project type we use specifically designed tools and applications, which cover one or more fields of application.
Some of our most important partners:

  • Magma d.o.o. iz Požege (plant for the manufacture and assembly of steel structures, a very reliable partner and regular client),
  • Puni krug d.o.o. (architectural design studio),
  • Našicecement d.d. (cement plant in Našice),
  • Microplet Pleternica (metal component machining company),
  • Tenzor d.o.o. Zagreb (structural design company)
  • Metal-projekt d.o.o. Zagreb (company for the design and review of metal structures)
  • Đuro Đaković Montaža – Slavonski Brod (company seat is in Germany: power plants, cement plants)
  • Brodarski institut Zagreb
  • Monting d.d. Zagreb
  • Start design d.o.o., Zagreb

Some of our most important foreign partners are:

  • Trimo d.d. Trebnje – Slovenija (design, manufacture and assembly of steel structures)
  • Goša Montaža ad – Srbija (a holding company which designs and maintains thermal power and oil facilities)
  • Valmet – Finska (technology and automation development for energy facilities, as well as cellulose and paper facilities).

Aside from working on high-value projects for the above mentioned groups, Domino dizajn d.o.o. is constantly providing services, such as designing houses and smaller commercial buildings, as well as agricultural buildings, to natural persons, mostly on the local market.

Project Portfolio

We would like to highlight the biggest projects that we have done for our foreign partners. Such projects have allowed us to truly develop in a steady, low-risk manner, acquire immeasurable value in the form of newly obtained know-how and technologies, as well as to experience satisfaction in the work and advancement, not only of our own company, but also of other Croatian companies that we regularly do business with

  • Industry and energy
    • Oil refineries
    • Cement plants
    • Cogeneration plants
    • Silos, bunkers, storage tanks and dryers
    • Thermal power stations
    • Wind power stations
    • Filters: baghouses and electrostatic precipitators
    • Industrial buildings
    • Cranes
  • Commercial and sports facilities
    • Manufacturing buildings and warehouses
    • Exposition halls
    • Gymnasiums
    • Canopies adjoining commercial buildings
  • Shopping malls and garages
    • Mixed-use shopping malls
    • Multi-storey car parks
    • Underground car parks
  • Special engineering structures
    • Water towers
    • Spherical tanks
    • Oil storage tanks
  • Pipelines
    • Large industrial ventilation pipelines
    • Industrial hot air ducts
  • Road facilities and billboards
    • Toll booths
    • Toll plazas
    • Billboards
  • Residential buildings
    • Family houses
    • Multi-storey buildings

Most important projects:

  • Viridas Biomass cogeneration plant with a 9.99-MW power output in Babina Greda (Uni Viridas, Valmet)
  • Cylindrical absorber platforms in unit 6 of the Bełchatów power station in Poland (Bilfinger Berger), assembly plants with crane bridges at the Petrofac oil facility – United Arab Emirates (for the contractor Trimo Trebnje Slovenia)
  • Electrostatic precipitators at the cogeneration facilities Slavonija OIE in Slavonski Brod, and Sava d.o.o. in Stara Gradiška
  • Road loading facility buildings at the Rijeka Oil Refinery (Monting, Brodarski institut)
  • Structures housing the pipeline infrastructure at the Pančevo oil refinery (Goša montaža a.d., Gazprom)
  • Facility for the receiving and combustion of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) within the Našicecement cement plant – refuse incineration plant
  • Hydrocracking facility of the INA oil refinery in Rijeka – compressor unit building

Tools and Apps:

In 2017 we transitioned to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) design system, and have constantly been adding the apps necessary for that kind of project management, such as:

  • Tekla Structures
  • Staad Pro
  • SCS Steel connections
  • as well as other applications.